This website aims to present to you a rounded body of work, some personal though mostly professional, covering a journey over the best part of 20 years.


For at least 15 of those years I have found a professional home as a matte painter for both film and television post production. The reality of home however has meant basing myself in different corners of the world for some considerable time out of necessity in order to learn and grow, but more recently I have come full circle and settled back here in London. I like to think that it's made me a more adaptable and open person.


I've worked on scores of major cinema releases, some of which include Peter Jackson's Lord of the Rings 'Two Towers' & 'The Return of the King', Danny Boyle's 'Sunshine' and the recent 'Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows' to name but a few.

Not being just a one trick pony, I've painted backgrounds for the award winning adventure game 'Broken Sword' released on Playstation in 1996 and have also worked as a concept artist, interface designer and illustrator at LEGO on 'Mindstorms', their first buildable programmable robot product.


I come from a rigidly trained background at art school with a strong emphasis on drawing and painting in traditional media, then later graduating in graphic design at Ravensbourne. This was at a time when I first saw and was transfixed by a version of Photoshop 2 on a colour monitor [wow!] and completely fell in love with the medium hook, line and sinker. For me it was a perfect match for my love of detail and realism and it allowed me to build upon my skills with physical media. Other labours of love (some examples of which are included here) are paper engineered pop-up card models and designs. Examples have featured in 'The Popup Book' by Paul Jackson, though were originally made as gifts or personal projects.


I currently operate as a freelance matte painter and concept artist, dedicating a lot of love and pride to what I deliver. I am however very open to all sorts of other graphic and illustration work which I think this large body of work demonstrates.


...So if you like what you see here, then please get in touch and drop me a line!

My name is David Swift and welcome to

The blurb