Sherlock Holmes

For this shot I had to research the physical ground plan of the old St Thomas' Hospital on the south bank of the Thames, as most of the hospital had been bombed during WW2. By extruding the ground plan upwards to match a couple of the still existing original facades, I then created a basic 3D model onto which I was able to project a painting (after getting help matching the lens information in Maya to the reference photographs) Special permission was needed for me to access the House of Lords' terrace at the Palace of Westminster in order to do so).

I also had to research the nature of the more industrial cityscape opposite. The floating towers aren't a fault in the painting by the way. As the rest of the building behind was hidden by the boat, there was simply no point in painting it.


Original dmp size: 5174 x 2004.   3D projection with camera dolly in.