James Bond: Quantum of Solace

Background crowd replacement.

This scene was shot in the relatively empty Siena town square with a group of about 30 extras to make up the crowd close to the camera. This group was duplicated in comp from different shots in the mid-ground and the background crowd was made up from a combination of separate footage of the Palio di Siena horse race and matte painted stills. The examples here of of the few that were consisted totally of the stills. The hand held camera was shaking so much that these matte paintings could be tracked in without revealing too much of their static nature. Where necessary, moving elements such as flags and waving arms were superimposed to deceive the eye.

With regret, I do not have the original high resolution dmps to compare with, so these screen shots have been matted for display.


Original dmp size: 6 - 8k width. Locked off.