mouse over for layout sketch

Kingdom of Heaven

This painting required the inclusion of the old city of Jerusalem, a more fertile environment with a hill of cultivated terraces and also a long caravan of people & camels marking an exodus. For the comp, the people with their shadows were delivered on a separate layer. The compositor then applied a slow movement leftwards to the line of people and animated a slowly moving zip-like strip of black and white bars across the screen which were used to apply subtle displacement values, fooling the eye into thinking they were walking.


The original concept for this shot came from Ridley Scott himself as a sketch on a photocopy, overlaid on the plate below (seen with a mouse-over). The final shot was unfortunately edited out of the film due to the exodus being written out. As a saving grace though, in   the "making of" dvd inclusion, the painting is seen getting a favourable critique by the director himself!


Original dmp size: 6740 x 3112.   Nodal pan.